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Green Hospitals

Green Hospital Planning

Green Hospitals are Environment Friendly, utilising natural resources in an efficient manner, which also enhances patient well-being.

We help design Hospitals to be ‘Green’ from planning stage itself and then through the detailed architecture and construction stages. Designed right, Green Hospitals not only save on major costs like on Energy and Water, they also help faster patient recovery, through better use of day light, easier access to the outdoors, improved hygiene and safety.

Going Green for a Hospital offers significant benefits also to the Hospital Staff, Patients, Visitors to the Hospital and the Community, ensuring safety from infections, epidemics and natural disasters.

Designing Green Hospitals – Important Steps

  • Choosing an environmentally friendly site,

  • Utilising sustainable and efficient designs, using more daylight than artificial light.

  • Appropriate building materials and products,

  • Incorporating green concepts during construction stage, ensuring maximum recycling and reusing of materials, reducing waste and reducing CO2 generation for cleaner air.

Green Hospital Building Concept

Building Healthcare Facilities for the Future, that are Patient Friendly, Safe for the Patients, Visitors and Hospital Staff, Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly.

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