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Lean & Smart Hospitals

Futuristic Hospital Design

Designing for Lean and Smart Hospitals is to ensure we do not build even one extra square foot of space that does not add value for the Patient. Departments like the Reception, Billing, Wards, Nursing Stations, Pharmacy, Lab and Canteen are designed to be ‘Patient Centric’ so that we don’t have Patients being moved from one end of the Hospital to the other to get into Emergency, Nurses running across the Hospital for supplies, Pharmacists being forced to call for clarifications, Patients having to get out of bed, even to take their medicines or even a glass of water.

Planning for this begins even before our Architect gets into the Project. That way we are able to ensure massive amounts of waste are designed out of the Hospital Building. Lean-led design uses the ideas of Operational Staff to design the Hospital based on the most optimum patient journey. This results in increased cooperation between departments and reduced number of patient handoffs, together resulting in a better, and higher quality, hospital experience for patient and staff member alike

After this when our Architect follows, he or she will spend only a fraction of the time drawing, because of a true understanding gained of the need.

New Ways to Design Hospital

Building Healthcare Facilities for the Future, that are Patient Friendly, Safe for the Patients, Visitors and Hospital Staff, Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly.

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