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Medical Equipment Planning Consultants

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Medical Equipment Planning is a very important process at the Project Stage of any Healthcare Facility. It is actually the key to success of the entire Project. With over 35% of the Total Project Cost going for Equipment Procurement, the proper planning of this activity is crucial to the entire feasibility of the Project. Even a 10% variation in the costs or delivery schedules of Medical Equipments can postpone the breakeven period of the Hospital by 2-3 years, severely impacting the financial viability of the venture.

Medical Equipment Planning and Consulting

Medical Equipment Costing, Need for Planning

How To Reduce Medical Equipment Costs


Need for a Specialised team approach in Medical Equipment Planning

All major Healthcare Projects today have either specialised In-house teams or Medical Equipment Consultants, i.e., Experts from outside dedicatedly working on Medical Equipment Planning working right from the concept stage of the Project. As this activity is very complex, requiring not only a clear understanding of the clinical needs but also an intricate knowledge of budgeting, architectural design and building process, it can best be carried out by a multi-skilled team of specialists from each of these areas like we have. Starting right from need assessment, to budgeting & planning, then procurement and finally installation, all these need to be carried out in a manner that is very specific to your Hospital’s services, operational goals and budget.

Technology being ever evolving, the challenge for the Equipment Planning Team is also to be constantly abreast of the latest developments in the field. For this to be done effectively the Medical Equipment Consultants need to have a successful team to be working together, with members having the highest levels of skills and expertise also in installation methods, all the statutory and regulatory design and layout standards and environment conditions under which the equipment will be functioning to be proper. A team approach also ensures all these requirements and design challenges are adequately addressed, also taking in account the complex logistics and need for reducing overall costs.

Essential components in Medical Equipment Planning

  • Conceptualization
  • Criteria Designing
  • Developing Specifications
  • Complying with Accreditation requirements
  • Budgeting
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Selection & Procurement including Tendering, Negotiation & Finalization
  • Installation & Commissioning

Impact of Medical Equipment on Hospital Viability

Our team of Medical Equipment Planners and Procurement Specialists work directly with your Clinicians as well as your Feasibility Experts, Engineers, Architects and MEP Consultants to first understand the stage wise roll out plan of the Hospital Project and the services requirements and then make sure the Equipment being procured at every stage is completed and seamlessly integrated into the operations of the Hospital as it grows. By this we ensure as your Medical Equipment Consultants full utilisation of all the equipment in meeting the committed quality of care delivered to the patient, in an efficient, effective and affordable manner.

At the procurement stage itself all the various equipment options available undergo a thorough techno-commercial feasibility analysis before the final procurement decision is taken. Every extra rupee spent on equipment, in addition to impacting the viability, also ultimately increases the cost of care provided by the Hospital. Many a times this is overlooked in the search of new technologies for the sake of it. The assessment needs to be objective and professionally made by the Medical Equipment Consultant Team.

Need to finalise Medical Equipment at Hospital Design and Planning Stage

Knowing the Medical Equipment being procured including type, make and specifications early in the space planning process helps to finalise the designs of the Hospital at an early stage itself. That way the construction work moves smoothly and on time. Major Project delays and disruptions are caused when final equipment sizes are found very different from those earlier assumed by the Hospital’s Architect and Planner. Right from floor spaces and room heights to wall thicknesses and locations are determined by the type and make of the Medical Equipment.

Hospital Equipments Planning and Consultant

Complying with NABH / JCI Accreditation and thereby all Statutory & Regulatory requirements too

It is mandatory today for all new Hospitals coming up, that they should be in full compliance with the requirements of National and International Quality Accreditations like the NABH & JCI. In case the Hospital is being planned mainly for catering to Medical Travellers from abroad the JCI becomes an essential requirements while for all those from India, it is the NABH Accreditation being made mandatory by all Insurers, both Govt and Private.

The main Equipment Categories that need to be made complaint with the Accreditation Standards being in the Critical Care Areas like the Operation Theatres, CSSDs, Emergency Departments, ICUs and ICCUs. The Accreditation Standards mandates the Equipment Specifications and Performance Criteria to be followed. The Standards also mandate the Statutory and Regulatory requirements to be met like of the National Building Code (NBC) and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). Not complying with these at the Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement stage would definitely be a very high risk to take.

As NABET approved NABH Consultants we ensure all our Hospital Designs and Equipment Procurement Plans will be in strict compliance with the both the NABH and JCI always.

Synchronising the Hospital Equipment’s Delivery, Erection & Commissioning

Healthcare Equipments Planners and Consultant

A typical Multi-Specialty Hospital has over 1,000 different types of Medical Equipment & Accessories to be finalised, procured, delivered, erected and commissioned before the Hospital can begin operations. These are all ordered and procured at different stages of the Project based on their size, cost, delivery, erection and commissioning time. The sheer logistics of this entire process is huge and any delay in any of these, results in delay in commissioning the Hospital and getting revenues. With all major Hospital Projects today being funded by Banks or other Corporate Institutions, project delays lead to cost over runs and delays in repayments. Hence the Medical Equipment Planning Team needs to be in place right from the concept stage of the project along with the Architects and Planners.

We provide Medical Equipment Planning Consultation Services to the following Clients

  • CIEL, St. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean, North America
  • Labaid Cancer Hospital and Super Speciality Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Labaid Cancer Hospital (chain of 30 hospitals), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Proposed Hospital at Purbachal, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Equitas Hospital, Chennai
  • Dr Kumud Mohabey Memorial Hospital, Chhattisgarh
  • Liven Hospital, Jangareddigudam, Andhra Pradesh
  • Aftab Hospital, Giridih, Jharkhand
  • SSK Global Diabetes, Nellore
  • Katihar Medical College, Bihar
  • Ayra Hospital, Padur, Chennai
  • Parvathee Hospital, Thirunidravur, Chennai
  • Kumari Medical Mission Trust, Nagercoil, Chennai
  • Gowsbai Multi-specialty Hospital, SP Koil, Chennai

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