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Acme Collaborates with GERBER Architekten, German's leading Architects

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International Opportunities

Participating in International Projects have been a hallmark of ACME's work in the last few years. We have been privileged to have had the opportunity of working in Counties outside India, right from Bangladesh, our closest neighbour and the Maldives, also very much in our neighbourhood, to Countries like Kenya and Nigeria in the African Continent and Trinidad & Tobago and St Lucia, in the Caribbean.

To enable our team of Designers and Architects to be in tune with the latest of International Architectural trends and practices, ACME feels privileged to have the opportunity of collaborating with GERBER ARCHITEKTEN, one of the globally most reputed experts in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design and Urban Design. We at ACME are sure that this Collaboration will provide the new Hospitals being planned in India and Abroad., especially in the neighbouring Countries in South Asia, an opportunity to access International Quality Planning & Design Solutions, on par with the World's best.

In India as well as the Countries in South Asia, the average Healthcare Consumer is now looking not just for 'satisfaction', but for 'delight'. They are today judging Hospitals by the 'look and feel', the innovative design, the views of the interiors and exteriors, facade and landscape, the ambience within the Hospital, use of healing colors, signage etc., all contributing to make the Patient the Centre of the Universe, that is the Hospital.

ACME is collaborating with GERBER to bring the latest innovations in Hospital Design to India for helping Hospitals here ensure the Safety and Satisfaction of their Patients.

GERBER ARCHITEKTEN, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, is a 50 years old Architecture & Design Company, among the leaders in the World, having expertise in Designing for the Healthcare Sector too. GERBER has successfully executed a very large number of prestigious Projects in Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design and Urban Design Globally across the world and recently in Saudi Arabia and China.

GERBER's collaboration with ACME HOSPITAL PROJECTS, India's largest Healthcare Advisory will provide truly International Level Architecture and Design Services to the Healthcare Sector in India and other Countries outside.

With GERBER focusing on bringing in the Internationally best Design Concepts, Exteriors and Interiors views, the look and feel factor, ACME's Team would be providing the detailed working drawings of the Internal Spaces, with Layouts, Plans, and Construction Drawings covering Civil, MEP and Interiors, for making the Hospital in full compliance with the Local Regulatory and Statutory Requirements as well as the National Accreditations like the NABH and the NABL as well as International Quality Accreditation like the JCI or any other applicable to that Country.

The collaboration thus providing International Designs at very competitive Indian Charges.

About Gerber

GERBER has more than 50 years of experience, offering a wealth of expertise, competence and excellence to all its projects. They currently employ over 200 staff organized in project teams across the World. The teams consisting of Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Engineers and Surveyors in Offices in Dortmund, Hamburg, Berlin, Münster, Riyadh and Shanghai.

GERBER's Services range from Consulting, Project development for all stages of the Project, including cost and construction management – and also as general planners. Through the intensive communication with their Clients, GERBER is able to develop common goals in order to produce exciting and quality designs. With ACME’s collaboration, these can be produced economically as well

Precise cost calculation and adherence to the budget are the basic hallmarks of GERBER's work. Planning and construction time follow professional construction schedules, which are set up and supervised by an experienced project management team. For over 50 years, the fusion of architecture and landscape has been an integral part of the designs and plans of GERBER. Through this Collaboration, ACME intends to imbibe these professional practices and deploy them in all projects being executed.

GERBER's Designs also pay a lot of attention to the concept of landscaping. The idea of "landscape" being a symbiosis of designed and naturally left space inside and outside the hospital buildings. This coherence helping in creating areas in which the patients feel comfortable, private and more importantly safe.

GERBER's goal, as a team of Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Urban Planners and Landscape Designers, is to create and build safe and comfortable environments that have a positive impact on the patients and help them get well sooner. Hospital structures should be such that improve the urban and landscaped environment around the facility with their beauty and in their simplicity, and contain exciting spatial arrangements, which are clear and obvious with regards to the orientation between inside and out.

A Patient or any Visitor to a Hospital should be able to reach any place they want within the facility, without asking anyone.

We are looking forward to this collaboration with GERBER to be a game changer in India and the Countries we work, by bringing International Quality Designs and Architectures to the Healthcare Sector.


Our International Clients

  • Labaid Cancer Hospital and Super Speciality Centre, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    (Market Feasibility, Project Report, Concept Design, Equiment and Manpower planning)
  • Labaid Cardiac Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    (Business Plan for 100-bed Cardiac Hospital)
  • Labaid Cancer Hospital and Super Speciality Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    (Feasibility Study & Business Plan for a chain of 30 cancer hospitals in Bangladesh)
  • Takdhum Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    (Feasibility Study, Concept Design, Internal Layout Planning & Architecture Design, and Equipment Planning for a 350 Bed MSH at Purbachal, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • Sajida Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    (Feasibility Study & Project Report at Ashulia & Keraniganj)
  • Numelec Technical Services Limited, Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa
    (Feasibility Study and Project Report for setting up a Chain of 18-20 Kidney Care Centers, covering all Regions of Nigeria)
  • Project Report and Architecture Design 25-50 Bed Multi Specialty Hospital in Trinidad & Tobago, Africa
  • Tristar Global Logistics, Nairobi, Africa
    (Feasibility Study and Project Report for a Hospital at Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Construction & Industrial Equipment Ltd., St. Lucia, West Indies, Eastern Caribbean
    (Architecture Design, Equipment Planning, Concept Design)
  • Raag Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Singapore
    (Master Plan & Project Report for a Integrated Medical Facility at Nusantara, Indonesia)
  • Tej Medical Administration & Research Services Pvt. Ltd, Queensland, Australia
    (Feasibility Study and Project Report to set up a Gynecology Hospital)
  • Sri Mariamman Pvt. Ltd. Queensland, Australia
    (Internal Plan & Layout for a Women Health Clinic)

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