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Designing Hospitals to be Patient Friendly

Improving the Patient Experience Friendly Healthcare Environments

The key to a Hospital being seen as Patient Centric is adhering to Quality Accreditation requirements like the NABH or the JCI. Every Standard and Clause in these Standards is to ensure the best interests of the Patient. Here are a few of the more obvious ways in which the Accreditations ensure the primary needs of the Patient, of High Quality of Care and Safety is achieved.

The Standards require the infrastructure to provide a conducive environment for this, by ensuring the following broad categories of requirements are met

Statutory requirements, mandatory for accreditation as they relate to Patient Safety. These include ensuring the designs of Imaging services like X-Ray, CT scanner unit should adhere to Safety norms laid down by the Atomic Energy Research Board.

Space requirements, right from how much area to be provided in each Patient Ward / Room to ensure proper ventilation and privacy. This would include even specifying the optimal space between two patient beds, areas to be earmarked to keep medicines in clean, safe and secure environment, for a utility area to keep all types of wastes and in serious cases and as needed a negative pressure isolation room for more severe cases, zoning, uni-directional flow in the OT and other Critical Areas for Patient Safety, having a Pre and Post-op holding areas for the Patients, waiting area for relatives, storage area and space of easy movement and collection for waste and used linen, without mixing sterile and unsterile items.

Facility requirements like having the Operating theatres to have dedicated AHU and three stage/ two stage air filter, for preventing Hospital Acquired Infections. , patient safety alarm systems, installed at designated locations, fall prevention measures for elderly like anti-skid tiles and grab bars, ramps with railings for disabled and toilets for physically challenged people etc.

Amenities & services like the paediatric section including playroom for children, for breast feeding room, with CCTV cameras to prevent child/ neonate abduction, a prayer hall for patients and their relatives etc.

Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative Standards

Building Healthcare Facilities for the Future, that are Patient Friendly, Safe for the Patients, Visitors and Hospital Staff, Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly.

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