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How to uncover blind spots while planning a new hospital

Blind spots planning new hospitals

The Great Mental Models :
"Decisions based on improved understanding will be better than ones based on ignorance. While we can’t predict which problems will inevitably crop up in life, we can learn time-tested ideas that help us prepare for whatever the world throws at us"

To prevent accidents, a skilled driver would like to eliminate blind spots when driving. Similarly to this, when planning, executing and managing a hospital project, promoters encounter numerous blind spots. It is the job of project consultants like Acme Consulting to focus on eliminating blind spots during project planning to prevent catastrophes that might jeopardize the project. There are several potential blind spots that can arise when planning a new hospital, including:

Hospital Site selection: Making the wrong choice for the hospital's site might make it more difficult to recruit staff and patients and could hurt the hospital's ability to generate revenue.

Hospital Design and layout: Poor operational and patient care can result from not taking the interests of patients, employees, and guests into account while designing and setting out the hospital.

Financial Forecasting: Overestimating the income that will be generated or underestimating the expenditures associated with establishing and operating a new hospital might lead to future financial problems.

HR Planning: Problems with operations and patient care might result from a shortage of staff or a lack of experienced Healthcare staff.

Equipment, Technology & Infrastructure: Poorly planned technology can result in operational inefficiencies and make it harder to deliver high-quality patient care.

Legal Compliance: Legal and financial troubles may result from not knowing about or failing to abide by local, state, and national rules and regulations.

Community Involvement: Choosing to ignore to include and interact with the community might result in a lack of support and make it difficult to develop a long-lasting patient base.

Quality and Safety: Adverse events and patient injury can result from a lack of a strong quality and safety Programme.

Strategic Planning: Not having a clear strategic plan for the hospital's growth and development can lead to confusion and lack of direction in the long term.

It is important to consider these potential blind spots and take appropriate steps to mitigate them when planning a new hospital.

Andy Benoit :
"Most geniuses especially those who lead others - prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities"

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